It’s always gratifying to see the reviews people leave about the way I represented them. As a criminal defense attorney, there is a balance between promising clients too much: That we can eliminate charges or mount a totally successful defense; and promising them too little: that we can’t help them at all.

My goal is to always be honest and straightforward with my clients, providing a clear assessment of what I think we can accomplish on their behalf given the specific circumstances of their case. I never want to mislead them into thinking I have more power or authority than I do to influence their outcome.

I always strive, however, to exceed the expectations I set for them, especially when it comes to things I can control: Things like behaving professionally; being well-informed about their case; keeping them well-informed about their case by communicating effectively, both with them and the court; and working diligently and tirelessly on their behalf. That’s what a client expects – and deserves – from their attorney.

If you’ve been charged with a crime, you need to hire an attorney who will represent you with all they’ve got. I encourage you to check your prospective attorney out. Read their reviews. Interview them. Ask questions. I welcome those kinds of interactions and hope you’ll give me the opportunity to represent you, just like all those people who’ve given me great reviews did. I won’t make false promises, I’ll just give you and your case all I’ve got.

You can reach me at 859-242-3487 or by e-mail using the form on our Contact page.